A mini Wooden Bingo set. This Wooden Bingo Set is perfect for anywhere from 2 to 18 players, not including a Bingo Caller. Minimum of 3 players (2 Bingo players and a Bingo Caller). Bingo can be played to win with different outcomes, meaning the objective can change from filling the entire card to playing in a line. 


Fun game for children to engage with numbers and competitive play.



  • 9 Inch Bingo Cage Set
  • 1 Bingo Cage
  • 2 Game Boards
  • 18 Playing Cards
  • 75 pieces wooden Balls
  • 150 Bingo Chips
  • Rules Included


Age: 5yrs+

Bingo Set With Metal Cage & Wooden Scoreboard

SKU: Bingo