How To Keep Your Child Entertained Throughout Winter

Updated: Jun 22

Now that Winter has officially arrived, more time may be spent indoors. During these times, it’s important to provide children with opportunities to engage in hands-on play experiences.

To assist with planning and getting you through the upcoming chilly season, the team at Creative Play Resources have outlined several tips for keeping your child entertained throughout Winter.

1. Fill your home with educational resources and educational toys.

There’s no denying it – cold, Wintery days are best spent inside your own home! To keep your little one busy, Creative Play Resources offer a variety of games, activities and resources for different age groups.

You’ll be surprised at how many fun and engaging toys are available for your child to play with at home. Nowadays, you don’t even need to leave the house to order an exciting new game or puzzle for your child. Just start shopping on our online educational resources store and see what you can find. To get started, you could look into purchasing some oil pastels, little brian paint sticks, arts and crafts, games and puzzles for your child to enjoy comfortably inside the home.

2. Take this as an opportunity to engage in learning through play with your child.

While you’re stuck indoors, you can make the most of this time together and support your child with developing their literacy and numeracy skills. To get the ball rolling, you can use educational games like dot markers, fruit counters, little brian paint sticks and shape stencils. You might also like to read a book with your child or enhance their fine motor skills by playing with engineering and construction tools.

To further encourage positive learning experiences, you can recreate your indoor space with cosy children’s furniture. We have a variety of children’s furniture options to help you develop a comfortable and welcoming space.

3. Encourage creativity as much as possible.

A creative mind can achieve wonderful things. Although you might not be able to go outside while the weather is being dramatic, you can still imagine you are in the location of your dreams. If the Wintery weather gets you down, try painting a summer scene with your child using some arts and crafts tools. Encouraging creativity is easy when you are equipped with a range of educational resources and wooden educational toys.

To see our full range of games, puzzles, arts and crafts, educational toys, visit the Creative Play Resources website. Ordering your educational resources is easy with our simple checkout process and guaranteed 24-hour dispatch.

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